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We offer a wide range of services & can be contracted on a Consultative, Retail, or Comprehensive basis. Call for more information on our Products & Services Packages.
Editorial & Writing Services
Includes proofreading, Grant writing, typing & word processing services
Speaking Events
Evie Speaks; Emcee; Reader
Tutorial & Academic Services
Tutoring students in writing, reading, college-level subjects (Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Sociology, Psychology, English)
Notary Services
$2 per page, per signature; mileage fees
Inspirational & Liturgical Dance
Solos for events; small group inspirational dances
Corporate & Non-Profit Meetings
Evie’s Entities will meet with business representatives to plan, design, and implement meetings for your business or specific departments in your business. We can plan office meetings, team building meetings, or just a special luncheon for your staff and employees. Pricing varies. 
Small Businesses need different ways to raise capital for daily operations. How about partnering with other businesses and non-profits to “brand” your products and services? Evie’s Entities, LLC will coordinate every aspect of bringing together the right businesses at the right time. Collaborating with other businesses and organizations reduces overall costs, increases clients, and is a “win-win” for all parties involved in the process.
Social Events
You want your event to be special and memorable;Let us do the work for you!
We will coordinate vendors, suppliers, and other necessities for weddings, birthdays, themed parties, or just a small after- 5 dinner for some family and friends. We can even suggest wedding gowns, upscale & everyday clothing & items you may need for your gathering. 
Event Management
Your business deserves attention, not only from conducting the day-to-day operations, but even from other businesses and individuals.  If you own or operate a music and dinner club, a jazz club, a private band, or similar establishment, consider Evie’s Entities, LLC to manage your event planning and promotional needs.
Networking and Exhibitions
Evie’s Entities, LLC will work with other organizations and associations to network, promote, and market your business and what your business offers. By contracting with EE’s, your business will have the potential to be noticed by hundreds of other businesses and individuals. Different opportunities afford varying levels of sponsorship. Call EE’s to make an appointment to discuss what venues are available to you. 
Event Promotion and Branding
Do you have an upcoming event, but need some local publicity? How about a newsletter or online article announcing your event? Let us help you! Evie's Events & Promotions can write an article, press release or promotion piece for your group's event. We can also assist with email marketing so you can save time & postage. The people who need to see your message will have it right in their in-boxes, at the right time. Contact for more information. Check out our articles at, too.
Consultative Services, Retail & Travel Services
Do you need a speaker or emcee for your event?  How about travel arrangements, including lodging, ground transportation, & other related accomodations? Did you just ruin your evening dress? Evie's Entities, LLC can arrange these services as you need them.  Just let us know what you need, including clothing, travel, lodging, or even a weekend getway, we can handle it. Go to to make your own travel arrangments, shop for specific items, or contact us for planning your group's needs.
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